To be considered for induction into the USASA Soccer Hall of Fame, candidates shall be nominated as either administrators, coaches, players, or referees, and shall meet the criteria specified for that category. Individuals meeting the qualifications under two or more categories may be nominated for consideration under a single category, using primary/secondary categories, or specifying multiple categories.

Administrator candidates shall include persons who have served as officers of national, regional, or state organizations and, in their capacities, have rendered exceptional service to adult amateur soccer over an extended period of time. This category also includes those apart from these capacities that, by their assistance, sponsorship, or other valuable contribution, have furthered the development of adult amateur soccer in the United States.

Coaching candidates shall be those who have served the adult amateur soccer community in a coaching capacity over an extended period of time, exhibiting exceptional coaching and teaching ability, as well as coaching success at the national, regional, and/or state levels. Candidates should also have contributed to the promotion and growth of a positive image for adult amateur soccer and its programs.

Player candidates shall have played at the national, regional, or state select team level or equivalent for a combined minimum period of five years; at the regional or state level for a combined minimum period of eight years; or at the state level for a minimum period of twelve years, while exhibiting the attributes of teamwork and advanced technical playing skills, implementing tactical abilities, demonstrating an ability to read the game, and using the principles of Fair Play and respect for other players. Nominees must have also demonstrated a love and respect for the game in general and for adult amateur soccer specifically during their days as a player.

Referee candidates shall have served the adult amateur soccer community in a refereeing capacity over an extended period of time, and shall have achieved a national grade and above. Other factors to be considered shall include, but not be limited to: participation in State and National cups; participation in national programs such as the Select Program, Donnelly Cup, Veteran’s Cup, etc.; and other activities such as mentoring, instructing, assessing, within adult amateur soccer.

All nominees shall be chosen on the basis of having made a significant contribution toward the development and advancement of adult amateur soccer at the national or regional level. Candidates may be either active or inactive in adult amateur soccer when nominated, and are eligible after their retirement. Deceased persons, if elected, shall be inducted posthumously.