The United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) corporation whose mission is to advance amateur adult soccer play in the United States. USASA is incorporated in the State of Tennessee and have been in business since 1985, when the United States Soccer Federation reorganized itself into youth, amateur, and professional divisions.

Why Advertise With USASA

  • The USA’s largest division of organized soccer at adult level

  • Located in every state, the USASA has an expansive soccer market-reach in age, gender and ethnic target groups.

  • Our membership base is engaged and active on our web-site and social media.

  • 260,000 Players, 60 Membership Organizations and 500+ Leagues

  • Constant pool of new members joining and participating

Advertising Opportunities

Various packages are available to market your company or soccer club to the hundreds of thousands of players, coaches, and fans who use the official USASA web site (usadultsoccer.com) and participate in USASA events. Advertising opportunities include:

  • Website and Social Media Advertisements

  • Email Newsletter Ad/Notification Placement

  • Sponsorship of USASA Competitions

  • Sponsorship of USASA Programs

  • Sponsorship of USASA Events

Become A Sponsor / Partner

To learn how you can become a USASA Sponsor or Partner, please contact:

Bruce Bode

Executive Director, USASA

Phone: 630-614-1280

USASA Sponsors and Partners