All Player Accident Claims Must Be Completed Online. After January 14, 2024, USASA Will No Longer Accept Paper Claims

A reminder that this is a supplemental accident insurance policy. For additional benefit information, please see the summary links below.

You can submit an injury claim If you are a registered USASA player and your injury occurred during a sanctioned USASA event. Players need to file their claim within one year from the date of the injury.

When completing the claim, please make sure your contact information is correct. You will receive a couple of emails and an acknowledgment letter by mail with further instructions after your claim is approved.

The email addresses you will receive communication from are: and

Please check your spam/junk files before contacting your member association.

Webinar On Directors And Officers (D&O) Insurance

Passcode: J#DCw2Ae

D&O Reimbursement For USASA Members

You must obtain a quote from USI Insurance Services to begin the reimbursement process. You can do this by completing the application form and emailing it to

Once you receive the quote, you purchase the insurance policy directly from USI.

After buying the policy, complete the reimbursement form using the link below. You must upload your quote and proof of payment into the form.

Downloadable Documents & Forms